What is TID?

TID – What is it?

This camp has a great history of training, coaching and identifying talented athletes who have later become National Team members and Olympians; including Warwick Draper, Louise Natoli, Lachie Milne, and Mark Bellofiore and National Team Members such as Sarah Grant and Leanne, Chris & Scott Guinea.


The camp is designed to provide the highest quality coaching appropriate to every standard, and to enable each participant to realize their potential, push limits and gain knowledge and skills that are essential in achieving your slalom goals.


TID stands for Talent Identification and Development


The TID camp caters for a wide range of Junior Paddlers. As there are usually over 50 paddlers we break into many smaller groups to accommodate the differences in paddling experience. The most advanced paddlers are usually paddlers who are trying, or have already made, the junior National Team, while other groups have paddlers that have only just started their paddling career.


We love to involve parents and other adults as well. Every year we have a group or two for parents who either want to improve their skills or to start paddling so they can join in the fun with their children.


As well as learning to paddle, parents are also encouraged to help run the camp. This helps keep cost down and any assistance with organisation or food preparation is much appreciated.


One of the real strengths of the TID camp is that everyone stays together so the whole occasion becomes very social and many activities, outside paddling, spring up spontaneously. This is one of the few opportunities the Victorian & Interstate paddlers get to mix & know one another.


TID is a three day residential camp that includes camping; main meals are provided. The camp concludes with the Canoes Plus Annual slalom.


Where: The camp is held on the Goulburn River, 5km downstream of Eildon Township, approximately 90 – 120 minutes drive from Melbourne.

When: Friday 18th November – Sunday 20th November 2011